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Energy Medicine, Animal Healing Arts and Holistic Products
All living creatures are vibrant, spirited, dynamic energy systems. Health and wellness are life’s most precious gifts. You and your pets deserve to experience optimal strength and vigor every day of your lives.
Health care is more than just diagnosis and prescription. The natural healing power present in every organism is the most potent force in the universe. Let Eve Lucia unlock the incredible potential for health and wellness that exists right now for you and your animal friends. Eve’s philosophy is that “Anything is possible!”
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Meet Eve Lucia
Eve Lucia’s innate abilities have been fine-tuned and cultivated through decades of experience and training. Her work as an educator, consultant and holistic healing practitioner has taken her on a remarkable journey spanning a lifetime. She has created  innovative healing techniques and natural, green products for optimal health and vitality. Learn more about Eve.
Hands-On Therapies
Eve offers massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, advanced bodywork, sports massage, Reiki and other healing modalities for people, their pets and animals. Eve also provides consulting services to determine and address the root cause of health imbalances. Consultations include nutritional recommend-ations, Energy Intuitive EvaluationsSM and custom health programs. Learn more.

Workshops & Clinics

Eve’s focus is on training others in a wide range of therapeutic massage and energy healing modalities. She is a CE Provider for the state of Florida qualified to offer CEUs to LMTs. Eve also teaches classes and Animal Healing Arts PractitionerSM certification programs related to canine and equine massage and bodywork. More about Eve’s workshops.

Top quality, green, eco-friendly health products delivered directly to your home! Our store offers holistic, organic, gourmet, specialty and nutritious products for people and their pets.
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Healing Haven Sanctuary
We envision a healing sanctuary for rescued animals who have been neglected, abused and abandoned.  Located in a beautiful setting, the sanctuary will be a safe haven for nurturing and renewal to restore the hearts, bodies and spirits of animals in need.  Our Animal-Assisted Therapy Programs will serve as a win-win for humans and animals.Contact us to support this vision.

“When I got my dachshund Sheila, she was approximately 2 years old. She had probably been owned those first two years by an elderly person who wasn’t able to get out to take her out for a walk. She was quite overweight, had bad teeth and pancreatitis. She seemed to be used to eating very poor quality food.

One night I came home from work very late and she was dragging her back legs. She liked to get up on the back of the couch and must have jumped off, possibly in reaction to a dog outside in her yard, and injured her spine. As a result of the injury, she was also unable to control her elimination.

If I hadn’t found Eve, chances are that I probably wouldn’t have my dog Sheila right now. Veterinarians told me ‘there’s no hope’ and to ‘consider euthanasia.’ One vet said, ‘You can do all the massage therapy in the world that you want, don’t think that this dog will ever walk again.’ ”
With Eve’s help, Sheila is now fully recovered. Read Sheila’s amazing story.

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