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Shelia’s Story Told by Clare Kelley
“When I got my dachshund Sheila, she was approximately 2 years old. She had probably been owned those first two years by an elderly person who wasn’t able to get out to take her out for a walk. She was quite overweight, had bad teeth and pancreatitis. She seemed to be used to eating very poor quality food.

One night I came home from work very late and she was dragging her back legs. She liked to get up on the back of the couch and must have jumped off, possibly in reaction to a dog outside in her yard, and injured her spine. The impact of hitting the floor, plus the lack of muscle tone due to poor early nutrition contributed to the severity of the injury. As a result of the injury, she was also unable to control her elimination.

I took her to the vet and she was put on heavy doses of steroids to which she did not respond. I was told she probably had a prolapsed disc or a herniated disc.  She was paralyzed from the lumbar spine, through the hind end, both legs and her tail.  After the spinal injury, the only way she could move was to drag her hind end (like a seal).  As a result, she developed sores on her back legs and belly from dragging herself around and having urine constantly leaking onto them.

Another vet said that she needed surgery, but that there was only a 50% chance that the surgery would restore use of her legs. Finally I was told I should consider euthanasia.

When I found Eve through an acquaintance, I decided I would give the program three months. If Sheila did not improve, I would have to put her to sleep. I simply couldn’t keep caring for her with all of my other responsibilities.

Eve emphasized a holistic diet and nutrition, including super green algae foods. Sheila also saw her twice a week for massage and energy therapy. After six weeks of a custom diet and healing therapy, her tail and leg twitched for the first time. Then she slowly began to walk awkwardly and wag her tail slowly. Eve’s really a miracle worker! 

Eventually, Sheila not only recovered but became twice the dog she had ever been. Now she is so full of energy I can hardly believe it! She just loves Eve. She is walking, running, and swimming with zest and glee.  Sheila exudes joy, happiness, love and vigor and has a great appetite for life and is hungry for healthy, nutritious dog food and Eve’s BioSuperfood for pets!”


Important background info for the reader
: Herniated discs are most common in the lumbar spine--located in the backbone between the bottom of the ribs and pelvic bone. When a disc between two bones in the spine presses on the nerves around the backbone, it's called a herniated disc. The discs in the spine allow movement of the backbone.

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Sheila After Treatment


Student Testimonials

“Many teachers can teach straight out of a book but you teach out of yourself and it shows. For that we thank you.”   
                                                                                   - Lori

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your patience and confidence building. I hope to make you proud.”                                                                                     - Dorothy

“I’m open to learning anything new to help the health of man’s best friend.  Eve, I believe you are a true teacher who feels and believes all you teach.  Thank you!“    - Tina G.

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Sheila and Eve
Sheila Before Treatment
Sheila After
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