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Contact Eve at (727) 776-1212 for private training and to schedule Canine Massage Workshops and Equine Massage Clinics at your facility.

Private training is billed at $75 to $150 per hour depending upon the level and the massage modality.

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Canine Sports Massage

Animal Bamboo Therapy: Canine & Equine

List of courses taught by Eve Lucia

Animal Healing Arts Certification Programs

Certification Programs are available in states that allow Animal Massage Therapy including FL, GA, TN, ND, SD, ID, MT, and NH.

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  • 10-Hour Canine Massage Therapy Certification
  • 25-Hour Canine Massage Therapy Certification
  • 50-Hour Advanced Massage & Bodywork Certification includes:
    Canine Sports Massage
    Canine Acupressure
  • 50-Hour Energy Medicine Certification includes:
    Canine CranioSacral Therapy
    Canine Energy Therapies
  • 10-Hour Equine Massage Therapy Certification
  • 25-Hour Equine Massage Therapy Certification
  • 50-Hour Advanced Massage & Bodywork Certification includes:
    Equine Sports Massage
    Equine Acupressure
  • 50-Hour Energy Medicine Certification includes:
    Equine CranioSacral Therapy
    Equine Energy Therapies

Eve’s enthusiasm for training others in a wide range of therapeutic massage and energy healing modalities is notable. Eve’s students recognize her deep love for them and their pets expressed through her willingness to share her knowledge and skills with others.

Eve is a CE Provider for the state of Florida qualified to offer CEUs to Licensed Massage Therapists. Eve also teaches classes and certification programs related to her unique work in canine massage, equine massage, Energy Intuitive EvaluationsSM and Bamboo-Stone TherapySM.

Eve Philosophy: In Her Own Words
“What I do that is different from most of the other Animal Massage schools is that I encourage students to listen with their hands. I feel that my role is to empower them to reawaken their Intuition.

Listening is the most important skill. Not all animals and all people require the same amount of pressure or intensity. A lot of what I teach is … how to utilize energy in hands-on therapies. I tell my animal massage students:  Don't overanalyze.  Trust your hands.  Work from your heart.”
Women with Puppies
"You made me feel very comfortable and welcomed during the class.  I felt so much
at home that I did not want to leave!  Thank you for your time and your patience, always.  I love your positive energy, it's contagious!
                                                        - Barbara G.

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